Data center training

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Dok030, together with the Data Center College (DCC), will provide training courses for Data Center Professionals. Dok030 and DTC are advised by Daphne van Vliet who, from her position at Microsoft, sees that companies are facing a problem with filling vacancies.

For whom?

Due to on-going demand from different organizations, this training will be offered to refugees with a resident permit and others who are new to this country. The lessons are offered in English and the training is therefore extremely suitable for participants from other countries with the right background and competences.

The training

The Data Center Professional training lasts three months and consists of four modules that are ended with exams. During the first two months, the participants work independently with online material and are also present at  lessons on our location. From the second week onwards, the participants do a one day a week internship so they can do a full-time internship in the third month to put the theoretical knowledge into practice. After completion of the training, the student receives a DDA certificate. This certificate is issued by the Dutch Data Center Association (DDA), the industry association for data centers in the Netherlands and proves that you are qualified for a starting position in the data center industry


  • Module 1: Basic Datacenter knowledge
  • Module 2: Facility Engineering
  • Module 3: IT Technology
  • Module 4: Internship


The participants are assigned to a coach from the Data Center College and DOK 030. He or she will guide the participant throughout the training. Any questions, issues or training obstacles can be discussed with the coach.


Various professional experts are involved in this training, they will supervise the weekly online and offline meetings or provide essential webinars.

Internship supervisor

The employer appoints an internship supervisor who guides the participant during the internship. This supervisor checks the practical assignments and judges the exams  that the participant carries out during his or her internship. The supervisor will also judge the portfolio at the end of the training. This is followed by a final interview with the internship supervisor and an independent examiner.


During the training we have a buddy system between two participants. They support each other in learning, helping each other when needed and motivating each other. Every week there is an assignment that they will work on together.

What do we expect from companies?

We are looking for companies that have a strong believe in our project and can therefore provide access to the ICT job market for our participants. This can be a internship or a job.

If you want more information, access to the program modules or if you want to signup as a participating company? Please fill in the contact form below.